Password Reset – Change a Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your VJPO password, open your browser and navigate to the VJPO start screen.

Click the Forgot Password link (highlighted in red). The Password Reset window below will appear.

Password Reset

Type your Username or Email Address (the one you registered with when you first signed up to use VJPO) and click the submit button. The Password Reset confirmation window shown below will appear.

Password Reset Confirmation Window

This window confirms that a reset message was sent to your email address. Click the Close button.

Password Reset Confirmation Window

Open your email box and locate the email message from When you open the message, it will resemble the one shown below

Password Reset Confirmation Required Email Message

Click the click here link in the message ONE TIME ONLY. You can now enter your new password in the fields shown and click submit.

Reset Password Confirmation Message

A dialog box will now open indicating your password has been reset, you may click continue to log into the Platform using your Username and new password..

Password Reset Complete Message