Intended for public affairs professionals and Joint Information Center support staff, this 2-day course prepares participants to build relationships and work alongside partners with a common goal of communicating with one voice to multiple stakeholders using new technology and social media techniques. Using social media hands-on practice for internal and external communications, participants work in group sessions and staff functional positions to implement best practices and lessons learned that facilitate planning, coordination, team building, and implementation of JIS/ JIC functions. Participants are given the opportunity to practice (1) gathering, analyzing, and verifying information; (2) crafting and coordinating messaging; (3) disseminating information via multiple communications channels; (4) tracking and documenting incoming data; and (5) monitoring multiple communications channels using social media techniques.

* Prerequisites RC201, FEMA G291 or equivalent, PITC-400, NIMS 100.b, 200.b, 700, 700.a, 800.b.
*Maximum participants 25

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