This 2-day workshop, intended for public affairs professionals and Joint Information Center support staff, prepares participants to build relationships and work alongside government, non-government, private, nonprofit, and emergency/disaster aid organizations with a common goal of communicating with one voice to multiple stakeholders. Participants work in group sessions that facilitate planning, coordination, team building, and implementation of Joint Information System and Joint Information Center (JIS/JIC) best practices. The workshop includes live news broadcasts, simulated radio broadcasts and digital news stories, and taped participant interviews that employ one of the safest and most realistic training environments, the Exercise News Network. Participants have the opportunity to practice gathering, analyzing, and verifying information; crafting and coordinating messaging; disseminating information via multiple communication channels; tracking and documenting incoming data; and monitoring multiple communication channels. Social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are integrated into the final course exercise.

*Course registration is dependent upon sponsor review and approval.

*Recommended that probable participants attend Risk & Crisis Communications Methodology and Strategy RC200 prior to this course.

*Maximum participants 25.


☐ Emergency Management

☐ Emergency Medical Services

☐ Fire Service

☐ Governmental Administrative

☐ Health Care

☐ Law Enforcement

☐ Public Health

☐ Public Safety Communications

☐ Public Works

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