This 1-day advanced spokesperson training is for experienced public affairs professionals, government officials, and Subject Matter Experts who may be called upon to interact with the news media. Participants engage in a variety of intense and fast-paced media interviews, including one-on-one and three-on-one in-person interviews, a remote interview, and a telephone interview. Message development, methodology, and strategy are continuously reinforced throughout this workshop.

*Course registration is dependent upon sponsor review and approval.

*Prerequisite Spokesperson for Public Affairs Professionals MR500, Spokesperson for Leadserhip and Subject-Matter Experts MR501, FEMA G290 or equivalent.

*Maximum participants 12.


☐ Emergency Management

☐ Emergency Medical Services

☐ Fire Service

☐ Governmental Administrative

☐ Hazardous Material

☐ Health Care

☐ Law Enforcement

☐ Public Health

☐ Public Safety Communications

☐ Public Works  

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