This 1-day workshop, developed for public affairs professionals, prepares participants to work confidently with news media and make their points more effectively. The exchange between reporter and spokesperson helps shape a story; influence the public; and provide important information to targeted audiences before, during, and after an emergency. Participants train on- and off -camera with a skilled team of media experts experienced in how the news business works from the inside out. Workshop participants will gain a better understanding of (1) the role of the Public Information Officer/Public Affairs Officer; (2) how the media functions; (3) what information the public wants and needs; (4) how to use a message map to develop quotable sound bites; (5) how to take and maintain control of interviews; (6) the effect of body language and other non-verbal communication; (7) and how to conduct a remote interview.

*Course registration is dependent upon sponsor review and approval.

* Maximum participants 12. 


☐ Emergency Management
☐ Emergency Medical Services
☐ Fire Service
☐ Governmental Administrative
☐ Health Care
☐ Law Enforcement
☐ Other
☐ Public Health
☐ Public Safety Communications
☐ Public Works

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